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  • 05-16-2020 Game Progress Update

    Just an update here, development really slowed down last year but as of lately has really picked back up. I'm a solo developer and have done 100% of this on my own so that's the main reason this is taking so long.

    These are just the hours spent just in Unreal Engine, not Visual Studio, etc.
    2020, so far 451 hours
    2019, 740 hours
    2018, 1189 hours
    2015-2017 Lots of hours lol I will update when I find my logs.

    There is a lot more going on besides the main game development, some examples,
    Main Website.
    Private Repository Cloud/Website, holding over 1TB of Unreal Engine Marketplace assets.
    Custom CipherFive Launcher client program, used to upload/Keep track of game assets, etc. to the Cipher5 cloud and to Download and test Survival America, also many other features useful for game development etc.
    Running a dedicated server, 8 core. 32 GB of Ram, 3TB mirrored drives, SSD, liquid cooled (Made to host and test the game)
    Web Server.
    FTP Server.
    Testing multiple online subsystems like Steam, etc.

    The multiplayer part of the game has been tough but slowly getting through it. I'm thinking of using Steam as the subsystem and so far it's setup successfully and works.
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